If you have successfully opened a boutique on Cobuydi, we can help you with your fulfilment needs. Avoid the hassle of having to pack and post every item yourself. Simply send them all to a Cobuydi fulfilment centre and we will post them to customers when they buy them from our marketplace. If you prefer to hold your own stock, we also have arrangements to help you when sales are made.

When you sell an item, we ship it for you. Cobuydi has created one of the most efficient fulfilment networks in the world, and your boutique can benefit from our expertise.

By storing your products in our fulfilment centres, Cobuydi handles the rest of the process for you. We pick, pack, ship, and provide a shipping customer service for a monthly fee. Best of all, Cobuydi can help you scale your business and reach more customers by using our efficient fulfilment network.

Cobuydi can also hold your whole inventory for you. Our process is very simple. We charge a monthly fee dependent on how many products you would like us to hold for you. When you require an item or group of items, we can deliver these all to you using our efficient fulfilment network. Please contact us for more information on our fulfilment network.